Watch the new video by Vampire Slumber Party!

Today we are thrilled to bring you a premiere of the new video by UK based Vampire Slumber Party! The video is for their cover version of "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia / Ednaswap. The track features Closey Amy from Zypmouth on backup vocals and Jess Watson on drums. Speaking to Punknews Yusuf Laher said of the cover,

""Torn" is one of those sentimental time warp songs I always thought would make a fun cover when I was playing drums in punk bands back in South Africa. But nobody listens to drummers, right? The song's pure nostalgic, emotional '90s pop that takes me right back every time I hear it. When I was growing up - pre-Spotify, YouTube and multiverse streaming - the song and video were everywhere. And it was very much a Natalie Imbruglia song. So I was actually surprised when I found out her version's a cover as well."

The cover will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow just in time for Bandcamp Friday and you can pre-save it here and here. It will also be on an upcoming EP. Vampire Slumber Party released Funeral Pop in 2021. Check out the video below.