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"Chunksaah Records would like to announce the release of our first label sampler compilation thing. "Big deal" is what you are probably saying to yourself since every indie label and their mother has put out a comp of a bunch crappy, previously released songs. But this comp is different. Not only does it features a bunch of previously released tracks from the Chunksaah catalog by bands like The Bouncing Souls, Worthless United, Vision, Sticks and Stones, and Paint It also features live, demo, rare and unreleased tracks by bands such as Lifetime, The Break, and Zero Zero among others. It's a pretty cool comp and it's free but it's only available if you order a music item from the Chunksaah Records online catalog between November 16th and Decemebr 15th. The other way to get a free copy of this is to go find Worthless United, Wanted Dead, Vision, Let it Burn, or The Break as they are all out on the road and will be carrying copies of this comp with them. Visit the HERE WE GO website for more info about the bands on this free compilation."
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Track listing:
Bouncing Souls - Quick Chek Girl
Sticks & Stones - Cynical
Johnny X and The Conspiracy - 3
The Arsons - Prison Yard
Worthless United - I Am Nothing
Wanted Dead - Fucked At Birth
Vision - Throw It Away
Lifetime - Young, Loud, and Scotty (live)
Fortunato - Jersey Bounce
Paint It Black - The Pharmacist
Miss TK and The Revenge - Nowhere To Go (demo)
The Surefires - Not Quitting Day (demo)
Let It Burn - Hang On To Yourself
Zero Zero - Coke Baby (demo)
The Break - Ride The Snake (demo)
Shanti - Lifetime
Johnny X - The Ballad of Johnny X (acoustic)
The Malcontents - True Zero City Limits (demo)