Today, we are pleased to debut the new video by Matt North.

Are you sick of crass mass-commercialization masquerading as local culture? Are you sick of feeling like huge corporations scientifically identify fandom and use that as a way to squeeze every last penny out of the most fervent? Are you sick of avenues of public entertainment becoming playgrounds for the rich that no one else can afford? Well, Matt North is. The Nashville musician (who also worked in Hollywood for a while and was on Curb Your Enthusiasm) had cut an album about the just how perverse capitlism has become, all set to a roots backdrop.

Speaking to Punknews, North said: "'Burial Grounds' is about The Nashville Sounds, our city's minor league baseball team. They not only named their brand new stadium after a bank, but they built it over ancient Indian burial grounds in spite of heated community opposition. The Sounds' former stadium was heaven. Not too big, not too small, and not a bad seat anywhere in the bleachers. I took my son to games when tickets were affordable and popcorn was three bucks. Families with average to low incomes could enjoy a night out there without breaking the bank - until they named the new stadium after a bank, tripled ticket prices, and inflated concession stand costs. I tried going to the new stadium once and haven't been back since. It wasn't that my former forty-dollar night out now cost well over $100 (plus $25 for parking), but who needs to sit beside loud, drunk, rich pricks dressed like they're about to play golf with their boss?"

Bullies In The Backyard is out now via by Round Badge Records. You can check out the video for "Burial Grounds" below, right now!