The Berman Hour Podcast interview with Bradley Riot (OBLivION series)

We are so pleased to bring you another special episode with The Berman Hour podcast. We are teaming up to present a exclusive first for Into OBLivION, a podcast series where singer/songwriter Jeff Berman aka Divided Heaven will be interviewing the folks involved in making his upcoming album, Oblivion. For the next few weeks we will be dropping interviews with producers Charlie Stavish, Frank Turner, Tim van Doorn; engineers Mike Bardzik and Bradley Riot; guest musicians Randy Moore, Jess Guise, Jen 'Pop' Razavi and more. Oblivion is out now through A-F Records and Gunner Records, you can click here to grab your copy.

Today, we have the next installment with Bradley Riot, see below.

Bradley Riot is a force: punk rock, motorcycles, fashion, art, tattoos, record production and love. Always reinventing, always driven and always real. Bradley is in the midst of recording a new album but opens up about the challenges of running a lifestyle brand, Riot Cycles, and bears his heart about his addiction and sobriety… and when we embarrassed ourselves in front of Christina Applegate.
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