TV Priest

TV Priest have announced that they will be releasing a new album. The album is called My Other People and will be out June 17 via Sub Pop Records. The band have also released a video for their new song "Bury Me In My Shoes". The video was done by Sparks Studio. TV Priest will be touring the UK later this year and released Uppers in 2021. Check out the video, tracklist, and dates below.

My Other People Tracklist

1. One Easy Thing

2. Bury Me In My Shoes

3. Limehouse Cut

4. I Have Learnt Nothing

5. It Was Beautiful

6. The Happiest Place on Earth

7. My Other People

8. The Breakers

9. Unravelling

10. It Was A Gift

11. I Am Safe Here

12. Sunland

Jun. 17London, UKRough Trade East
Jun. 20Brighton, UKResident
Jun. 21Southsea Portsmouth, UKPie & Vinyl
Jun. 22Totnes, UKDrift
Jun. 23Leeds, UKThe Vinyl Whistle
Oct. 30Bristol, UKThe Louisiana
Oct. 31Birmingham, UKHare & Hounds
Nov. 01Dublin, IEThe Workman's Cellar
Nov. 03anchester, UKYes (Pink Room)
Nov. 04Glasgow, UKBroadcast
Nov. 05Leeds, UKBelgrave Music Hall
Nov. 07Cambridge, UKPortland Arms
Nov. 08Leicester, UKFirebug Bar
Nov. 10London, UKScala
Nov. 11Reading, UKThe Face Bar
Nov. 12Southampton, UKThe Joiners
Nov. 13Brighton, UKGreen Door Store