Superchunk have announced that they will be rescheduling their East Coast tour with Torres. This comes after Jon Wurster tested positive for COVID-19. The band released a statement on Twitter that reads,

Hey people - been dreading this but we are VERY SORRY to have to reschedule our East Coast tour with Torres AGAIN, this time due to illness within our band. We look forward to playing these shows when everyone is healthy.

As someone who loves playing shows i still have to say -- touring sucks right now. When the band are the only masked people in the venue, it's clear that this stage of the pandemic is going to be around for awhile.

Our fans are great and supportive and patient and understanding, and the 6 shows we have played supporting Wild Loneliness have all been fun and gratifying. But the general public including many at our shows seem to think COVID is over, meaning, it won't be over any time soon.

We hate that we won't be playing w Torres this week. We hate canceling shows and have been taking all precautions, but this thing is sneaky as you have heard by now.

Rescheduled dates news will be coming soon so watch this space. Apologies again and see you soon.

To start, we are sorry that our show at Black Cat tomorrow (Tues Apr 12) night is being rescheduled. When this show finally happens, it will be awesome. Watch this space.

Wednesday we were looking forward to a double-header of Rough Trade instore and Webster Hall show, both of which will be rescheduled.

Please note that VENUE STAFF have been awesome on all these dates and i know they would have been at our upcoming shows.

Also please note if you are a fan, especially if you want to rock out in the front row and sing loudly along with your favorite songs, PLEASE wear a mask!

The new dates will be announced soon. Superchunk released their album Wild Loneliness earlier this year. See the band's statement and Jon Wurster's statement below.