Check out "Quarantine Queen" by Modern Terror!

Today, we are psyched to debut the new track by Modern Terror!

Hailing from British Columbia, Modern Terror kick out high energy, melodic pop-punk that flips between nihilism and romanticism. There are touches of Lagwagon and Nofx in these riffs (in fact, drummer Limo is one of Nofx's main road-dawgs) and the band isn't shy to throw some bubblegum onto a grimier smash. The band has new EP coming out and the lead single is about how covid quarantine can drive people mad… and make horny people even hornier… and make creepy people even creepier.

Guitarist Jeff Doran spoke to Punknews about the track: "'Quarantine Queen' is about a lonely guy who was looking for love. Dreaming of the day when even a loser like him, might just look good to a girl way out of his league. But it takes place in the context of 2020. As lockdowns were put in place, the world had become more isolated and dependent on technology to interact with others. Dating took a turn for the worst, leaving the lonely guy waiting for his moment."

You can pick up the band's new EP right here and you can check out "Quarantine Queen" below, right now!