Surfbort releases video for "Open Your Eyes" with Tony Hawk

Surfbort have released a new video. It's for the song "Open Your Eyes" which is off Keep on Truckin’ from 2021. The video features Tony Hawk and the band.

Singer Dani miller said in a release: "The video of us refereeing and yelling at Tony relates to real life, if people are telling you you suck or trying to bring you down pushing through and skating through to the good times is what life is about! And actually in college at SF State I wrote an essay on eastern philosophy and compared it to skating. When you hit an obstacle or crack in the ground while bombing a hill instead of letting that obstacle completely destroy your world you can switch up perspectives and gracefully move through the obstacles then life feels less hectic."

Tony Hawk added: "I was honored to be featured in Surfbort’s video! The new album is great, and Open Your Eyes is an inspirational song for these tumultuous times. "

You can check out the video below.