Captain Sensible will not be on upcoming Damned US tour
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The Damned have announced that Captain Sensible will not be playing with the band on their upcoming US shows in May with Blondie due to travel restrictions. He will be playing on their shows in the UK and Germany in June. Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age will be filling in on the US dates. A statement posted by the band on their Facebook page reads,

"As you now know, Due to ongoing travel restrictions, The Captain will not be doing the US dates in May. Troy Van Leeuwen from Queens Of The Stone Age has offered his services and will be stepping in as a temporary replacement. A massive thank you to Troy !! Captain Sensible will be playing shows in June in the UK & Germany. We’re also hoping that restrictions will ease in the USA, so as he can join the band on the August dates with Blondie and will of course be playing with the Original line-up with on their final dates this Autumn."

The Damned will be playing the US with Blondie in August and will be playing their original lineup shows in the UK in October. The band's current lineup released their EP The Rockfield Files in 2020.