Today, we are excited to debut the new video by Ivan Nahem of Ritual Tension!

Ritual Tension are pioneers in American post-punk, cranking out hard and jagged cuts that told nasty tales of anger, paranoia, and frustration. But, on his solo work, RT's Ivan Nahem pushes even farther into the abstract. Nahem teaches yoga and the album was a created as a response to a challenge… could a aggressive, post-punker create a tranquil album conducive to the practice of yoga? "Only Walking" is the first track to accept the challenge and indeed, it does have that calm, cosmic wave that feels like it will help you center your chakras. There is also a sort of Ennio Morricone whistling in it, which makes it that much trippier.

Crawling Through Grass is out May 13 via Arguably Records. You can check out the video for "Only Waking" below, right now!