World/Inferno Friendship Society

As you know, last year, we tragically lost Jack Terricloth of World/Inferno Friendship Society. This weekend, members of World/Inferno and associates announced the launch of the Jack Terricloth foundation. The foundation is helmed by Lisa Ventantonio, and his life-long collaborator, Scott Hollingsworth. The organization is dedicated to arts and to elevating marginalized voices.

As part of that foundation, the WIFS circle is releasing a double Jack Terricloth tribute LP. That release includes covers of Inferno and Sticks and stones, and features contributions from Bouncing Souls, Catbite, Choked Up, Jeff Rosenstock, The Slackers, Ted Leo, Worriers, and many more.

There will also be an orchestral performance of some of those songs, which will be streamed. You can check that out here.