World/Inferno Friendship Society
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The Jack Terricloth foundation, which is the new foundation dedicated to preserving the memory of the World/Inferno Friendship Society frontman while also supporting the arts, will be releasing a tribute album later this year, with all proceeds going to fund the foundation. (You can read about the foundation here.)

Today, the foundation revealed the tracklist for the tribute record. Bands appearing on the record include Bouncing Souls, Ted Leo, The Slackers, Jeff Rosenstock, Catbite, The Unlovables, and many more. You can see the tracklist below.

1. Worriers - Grasping At Straws
2. Worthless United - Saved
3. Bouncing Souls - Less Than Free
4. Ted Leo - Blindness
5. Damage Done - Our Time
6. Hatrbabbits - Nothing Paid For
7. Nervous Triggers - The Lot
8. EHP - Tattoos Fade
9. Catbite - A Night In The Woods
10. Emilyn Brodsky - All the World is a Stage (Dive)
11. The Robocop Kraus - One for the Witches
12. Long Neck - Tarot Americaine
13. Dr. Nowt - Let's Steal Everything
14. Choked Up - Just The Best Party
15. Early Riser - Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures
16. Jeff Rosenstock - Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA
17. Will Wood - The Velocity of Love
18. The Slackers - Zen and the Art of Breaking Everything in This Room
19. The Unlovables - The Politics of Passing Out
20. Demander - Thumb Cinema
21. The Ratchets - Citizen of Jazz
22. The Bogmen - Only Anarchists Are Pretty
23. Tail Light Rebellion - American Mercurial
24. My Favorite - Heart Attack '64