Today we are thrilled to bring you the new video for "IDC" from QWAM! The video was shot, directed, and edited by Felicia Lobo. Bassist Eddie Kuspiel said of the song,

"I wrote this when I was pretty apathetic about everything and hadn’t been upset or genuinely excited about anything in a while. It annoyed me because I don’t like to play anything cool and it felt like the world was on fire on a large scale and a small scale but I was indifferent. So I tried to write about things that did make me mad, like environmental depletion and my knees hurting because I’m getting old.”

Guitarist Matt Keim added,

"My verse just piggy-backs on the idea that Eddie already had. I even stole his first lyric. It's all very literal. I'll bike anywhere regardless of the weather, and I was mooning over boys ordering coffee at my workplace and screwing up their orders. Come to think of it, I was probably responding to Eddie's indifference with the tiniest bit of fuck you determination…"

The song is off their upcoming single Little Bliss that will be out May 20 via Reta Records that you can pre-order right here. QWAM released QWAM in 2019. Check out the video below.