Listen to Punknews Podcast #595.5, #596, & 596.5!
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Three new episodes of the Punknews Podcast are now up!

Bonus episode #595.5 is another edition of "Em Moore Tells You What to Listen To" where Em plays some of the best songs from May. Songs by Future Girls, Special Interest, The Flatliners, Fresh, Amygdala, Martha, Shooting Daggers, Thank You, I'm Sorry, Cluttered, Talk Show Host, My Chemical Romance, and many more are played.

In episode #596 John, Sam, Hallie, and Em talk about the "incident" at Maryland Death Fest, End It's new video, The Garden's new single, and Suck's upcoming album. The selling of Kurt Cobain's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" guitar, Spotify's return to political ads, and NOBRO's new video are also discussed.

Episode #565.5 is a quick bonus episode that was born out of a typo. Sam talks about going to Pouzza Fest, John talks about going to Maryland Death Fest, Em talks about getting hit by a tornado, and exciting upcoming shows are mentioned.

Listen to all of the episodes below!