Harley Flanagan sues John Joseph for Cro-Mags trademark infringement

As you may recall, in April 2019, Harley Flanagan and John Joseph resolved their longstanding dispute over the Cro-Mags name. Under that settlement, Flanagan took ownership of the Cro-Mags name while Joseph was granted a license to tour as "Cro-Mags JM." In prior years, both artists had used the name Cro-Mags. Notably, sometimes, Joseph also had used the name "Cro-Mags JM" and "Cro-mags Jam" which he stated stood for Cro-Mags John and Mackie (Jayson, drummer for Cro-Mags classic era and frequent collaborator with Joseph).

In a Complaint filed in a Manhattan federal court on Monday, Flanagan alleges that on April 23, 2022 (after the settlement), Joseph played a benefit under the name "Cro-Mags JAM." The complaint further states: "“The impermissible phrase Cro-Mags JAM suggests that Mr. Flanagan, the original member of Cro-Mags, would be conducting a jam session with other musicians—which is obviously not the case." "“This clearly constitutes unfair competition, trademark infringement, and a material breach of the Settlement Agreement, as it is an impermissible use of Plaintiff’s CROMAGS Mark." Flanagan is asking for a permanent injunction preventing Joseph from using the Cro-Mags trademark in any form.

Flanagan issued a statement, which also commented on the New York post covering the story: "When you have fought for something that is yours as hard as I have and spent the kind of money that I have you have to protect what you own you can’t just walk away from it when people decide to violate the terms. I have no problem fighting for what’s mine anybody who knows me knows that. I’m not afraid to do what’s right and I’m not afraid of anyone. So until you’ve had to fight for something that is yours as hard as I have you should shut the fuck up. And the New York post in particular has always taken every opportunity they can to shit on me and twist the truth. I wonder if it’s because the NY posts editor used to have a crush on my wife. Sorry buddy fuck you and your rag of a paper.”

Joseph has not yet filed a response. We'll keep you updated.