Today, we are psyched to debut the new video by Failing Up!

Do you like ripping, melodic hardcore? If so, you'll like this because this RIPS! The LA band have been around about six years now, and they kick out angry jams that retaina sense of melody.

Their new track, "Pick Your Poison" is in that vibe. It starts out with some rapid riffing before collapsing down into a classic, gnarly LA hardcore breakdown. Speaking to Punknews about the track, singer Tanya Delgado said, “We knew we wanted a high-energy song for the next single, and Pick Your Poison seemed like the perfect choice. It’s got that old-school hardcore vibe, but there’s still a lot of melody. It’s one of our favorite songs to play live”.

Stories of a Disturbed Mind is coming June 17th in collaboration with Sell The Heart and Sound Speed Records. You can pre-order the LP right here and check out the video for "Pick your poison" below, right now!