We are pleased to bring to you a track by track for Denver's pop-punkers Suitable Miss. The band released their debut full-length, In Color this past May on all streaming platforms and we have the exclusive track by track for the second half of the record. See below to check out the full record, the track by track and their tour dates with Calling All Captains.

You can click here to view the first half's track by track though Outburn Online.


“SRRY is easily one of my favorite songs. This song I feel like is a huge representation of mental health and learning to love and take care of yourself. Finding people in your life who love and care about you no matter what can truly get you through anything. “I’m sorry I’m broken, keep holding onto me. You know this I’m so sick of all my inner apathy” summarizes what the entire song is about. I hope this song encourages people to let others in because we are not meant to spend this life alone.” - Sarah Perez (Vocals)

“We released SRRY as a single a few months back as our first “new” Suitable Miss song. This track welcomes the idea of synth into our style of music. This song represents someone being sorry for how they have treated someone else in a relationship. It represents how bad mental health can really tear you down. When you are in that low mental state, it is hard to be able to explain to others why you’re dealing with what you’re dealing with. People feel as if they need to apologize for their mental health when they really just need that strong understanding, support, and love.” - Kelsey Gant (Bass)

“Another mellow one. SRRY is so much fun to perform, this one has been on our roster for a minute now. The first single we released off the record, SRRY is I think relatable to just about anyone. The message of “not being good enough” is very universal; the intense music backing the emotional vocals really capture that feeling.” - Noah Sauls (Guitar) “One of our poppiest songs for sure. This one has such a soaring chorus, and I think Andrew’s riff there and at the end is one of my all-time favs.” - Tom Hanson (Drums)

“The lead guitar in the chorus is DECEPTIVELY difficult despite this one being relatively simple and poppy. Eventually, I’d love to post a video on Instagram or TikTok that breaks down how to play this one!” - Andrew Elofson (Guitar)


“I grew up on easycore. From Four Year Strong to City Lights, I loved all things pop punk and breakdowns as a young teenager. I’d like to think that this song is Suitable Miss’s tribute to the genre of easycore haha. We got to collaborate with our good friend Noah from the band Colony Collapse on this one and he really brings the energy we were looking for on this track. I remember the recording sessions for this song in particular being a really fun and creative experience.” - Andrew Elofson (Guitar)

“This song sounds just like the title, all sunshine. This song represents being stuck in a spot that you don’t want to be in. But knowing there is sunshine on the other side. We have this music video released on YouTube right now showing us at a regular serving day job, comparing it to our dream of playing music. We are thankful to have Noah from Colony Collapse feature in this song. He has been a good friend to the band for a long time and it is nice to have him be a part of our family.” - Kelsey Gant (Bass)

“This song’s music video is probably one of the most fun things we’ve done. Kelsey and I got full trust to completely trash our workplace (as long as we cleaned up). We had this massive food fight and it’s honestly something I am going to remember forever. This song is the first one that I feel really broke into the heavier side of things. The band showed me and at first, I was apprehensive. But seeing how people react to it at shows proved me wrong!” - Sarah Perez (Vocals)

“This song led to what was by far the most fun music video I have ever done, in which we absolutely annihilated a pizza place. Heavy, driving with a catchy chorus. A standout track for sure!” - Tom Hanson (Drums)

“I think this one is my favorite. The riffs, the catchy vocals, I get to shred out during the bridge, and if you see us live it's a dual solo with Andrew! This one really is another one of our “Happy music, melancholy lyrics”. So many of us spend every day living our lives how we think we’re supposed to instead of being true to ourselves, not allowing us to be happy. I invite everyone to stop living their life on the other side of “sunshine!” - Noah Sauls (Guitar)

Better Tomorrow

“When we had initially formed the band, the idea was that Suitable Miss was originally going to be a pop/rock band in the vein of acts like The Aces, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The 1975. We ended up taking an entirely different sonic path but I like to think of this song as a tribute to what we were initially setting out to do.” - Andrew Elofson (Guitar)

“That intro HITS! Funky and heavy and poppy at the same time, with those quick little chugs just making it so tasty.” - Tom Hanson (Drums)

“This song is almost a revamped version of an old song we used to perform called “Not Alone”. It’s a little cheesy but what’s an album without one super cheesy positive song? I love this song because I originally wrote the chorus just messing around! Then Andrew got a hold of it and we actually turned it into a pretty amazing song. I know for sure that this song will be the hardest to do live though!! I’m excited for the challenge!” - Sarah Perez (Vocals) “This track is a song to get everyone hyped. From the hopeful and positive lyrics to the upbeat instrumentals, it’s an overall happier song. We wish for others to hear this track and feel as if there will be a better day coming for them. Wishing to be a better person with good times ahead isn’t as difficult as it might seem. There’s literally always a better tomorrow for each and every person.” - Kelsey Gant (Bass)

“I’d say this is the perfect way to follow up Sunshine. Such a motivating song, full of inspiring lyrics and a nice punchy layer of guitar, bass and drums behind it. This one might have my favorite chorus on the record.” - Noah Sauls (Guitar)

Puzzle Piece

“This song is my literal baby. It means so much to me. I remember writing this song in my bedroom in the midst of Covid. I wanted to write a positive song that people could potentially play at their weddings someday (as cheesy as that is). I just thought about the feeling that you get when you finally find someone who makes your life finally feel like it fits together. This song is probably one of my favorites I’ve ever had the pleasure to write. I love how it came together with the synths and harmonies and everything.” - Sarah Perez (Vocals)

“I think this might be the ONLY Suitable Miss love song! I love this song in particular because of all the layers and ear candy we included in this song. This one also has one of the most creative lead ups to a breakdown that our band has ever done and I think fans of electronic music will really appreciate this song.” - Andrew Elofson (Guitar) “Puzzle Piece was written on a more positive note. This song is about feeling better in both your life, your mental health, and your relationships. It represents you finding the perfect piece to your heart to make you feel happier inside and out. I personally love this song because it shows people that it does get better.” - Kelsey Gant (Bass) “Definitely one of my favorites. One of our few mid-tempo songs, it's a nice reflection on how far one can come from their past. This song to me feels like flipping through old photo albums, watching old home movies. This song really invokes a sense of nostalgia for me.” - Noah Sauls (Guitar)

“Fun to play, but were those “HEY” chants in the breakdown really necessary? Yes, yes they were.” - Tom Hanson (Drums)


“I don’t think I’ve cried while writing a song until this one came around. The incredible thing about being in a band is that we are very close to one another. I’m so grateful to work with musicians who are also my best friends. A way that we often write songs is we sit down and have a conversation about our lives and what we’re feeling passionate about at that time. Our best songs come from real life experiences. Honestly, a lot of the songs come from my own personal heartbreak that I’ve had to endure throughout my life. That’s how we wrote this song. Trying to be with someone who keeps holding onto the past is down right traumatizing. The key is realizing what is best for you right now and acting on that. “I’m done with falling to the lowest depths. I’m done with running from this emptiness” is the line that Andrew and I wrote that I just sobbed to. It explained everything that I so desperately needed to convey in this song at the time. I think it’s a wonderful ending to this album. The last line is “I’m done with falling into my own head.” Wrapping up the idea that you can take charge of who and what you put in your life. The search for happiness isn’t always easy but once you find it it’ll all be worth it.” - Sarah Perez (Vocals)

‘A beautiful piece of songwriting. The chorus just soars and the whole ending with those group vocals really takes it to a whole ‘nother level. A great way to cap off the album!” - Tom Hanson (Drums)

“This masterpiece is honestly my favorite song on the album. I remember the band sitting down to listen to this song, with legit tears in our eyes. Not only does everything flow in a pleasing-to-hear way, but it truly represents holding onto one loving moment when all moments aren’t that perfect. I listen to this song almost every single day, and that is not an exaggeration. I hope others will listen and love this song as much as I do.” - Kelsey Gant (Bass) “The capstone to our record. This one has everything. Catchy lyrics, soaring vocals, driving bass, heavy guitars, punchy drums, a small solo, group vocals. Moment really captures the variety that can come when we really pull out the stops. This one feels epic to me. The way the song builds and builds to the end is a wonderful way to cap off “In Color.” - Noah Sauls (Guitar)

“I don’t think we could have selected a more perfect album closer. Moment is a truly special song to the five of us and I really hope that shows through when you listen to this one.” - Andrew Elofson (Guitar)