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The Drowns have announced that they are cancelling three shows due to someone in their touring party testing positive for COVID-19. The shows affected are Salt Lake City, Boise, and Seattle which were the last three shows on their West Coast tour. The band released a statement on Instagram that reads,

"Friends, sadly we will be dropping off the next three shows of the tour. We are not playing SLC, Boise, and Seattle, and we are headed home now. Unfortunately we had a positive Covid test in our tour party, and to keep everyone safe, we will not be playing the last few shows of this tour. Please check with the clubs our promoters about the shows, and if the shows are still going to continue, support the locals and clubs. We are already planing our return to these cities and WE WILL BE BACK SOON. The ‘rona got us, but it can’t keep us down! Please be safe and take care of your loved ones, we love you, and we will see you all soon."

The Drowns released their EP Lunatics last month.