Pinkshift have announced that they will be releasing their debut full-length album. The album is called Love Me Forever and will be out October 21 via Hopeless Records. The band have also released a lyric video for their new song "i'm not crying, you're crying" that was edited by their guitarist Paul Vallejo. Pinkshift released their EP Saccharine in 2021. Check out the video and tracklist below.

Love Me Forever

  1. I'm Not Crying You're Crying
  2. Nothing (In My Head)
  3. Get Out
  4. Cherry (We're All Gonna Die)
  5. The Kids Aren't Alright
  6. Trust Fall
  7. In a Breath
  8. Cinderella
  9. Burn the Witch
  10. Love Me Forever
  11. Let Me Drown
  12. Dreamer