Dark Horse records will release a Joe Strummer box set on September 16. It chronicles Joe's Mescaleros years and is called Joe Strummer 002: The Mescaleros Years. In addition to including all three Mescaleros albums, the set includes 15 rare tracks recorded during the Mesco years.

All of the albums are remastered by engineer Paul Hicks and are packaged with new liner notes, unreleased photos, and four reproduction lyric sheets and chord charts. The box set was executive produced by Strummer’s widow Lucinda Tait and produced by David Zonshine.

You can see the bonus LP tracklist below and hear one of the unreleased demos.



Rock Art and the X-Ray Style

  1. Tony Adams
  2. Sandpaper Blues
  3. X-Ray Style
  4. Techno D-Day
  5. The Road to Rock 'N' Roll
  6. Diggin' The New
  7. Nitcomb
  8. Forbidden City
  9. Yalla Yalla
  10. Willesden To Cricklewood

Global a Go-Go

  1. Johnny Appleseed
  2. Cool ’N’ Out
  3. Global A Go-Go
  4. Bhindi Bhagee
  5. Gamma Ray
  6. Mega Bottle Ride
  7. Shaktar Donetsk
  8. Mondo Bongo
  9. Bummed Out City
  10. At The Border, Guy
  11. Minstrel Boy (full-length version)


  1. Coma Girl
  2. Get Down Moses
  3. Long Shadow
  4. Arms Aloft
  5. Ramshackle Day Parade
  6. Redemption Song
  7. All In A Day
  8. Burnin' Streets
  9. Midnight Jam
  10. Silver and Gold

Vibes Compass

  1. Time And The Tide
  2. Techno D-Day (Demo)
  3. Ocean Of Dreams (feat. Steve Jones)
  4. Forbidden City (Demo)
  5. X-Ray Style (Demo)
  6. The Road To Rock ‘N’ Roll (Demo)
  7. Tony Adams (Demo)
  8. Cool ‘N’ Out (Demo)
  9. Global A Go-Go (Demo)
  10. Secret Agent Man
  11. All In A Day (Demo)
  12. London Is Burning
  13. Get Down Moses (Outtake)
  14. Fantastic
  15. Coma Girl (Outtake)