The Bobby Lees will release a new album on October 7. It's called BELLEVUE and it's out via Ipecac. In a release, singer Sam Quartin stated: "“I named the album Bellevue because when I listen back, I hear someone going through that stuff, who is now able to laugh about it and have fun re-telling the stories. It’s a reminder for me that the most painful and intense things I go through end up being the most rewarding creatively.”

You can see a video for the lead single, "Dig your Hips," below. You can also listen to "Monkey mind."

Bellevue tracklist:
1. Bellevue
2. Hollywood Junkyard
3. Ma Likes To Drink
4. Death Train
5. Strange Days
6. Dig Your Hips
7. Have You Seen A Girl
8. In Low
9. Little Table
10. Monkey Mind
11. Greta Van Fake
12. Be My Enemy
13. Mystery Theme Song