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"Okay. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones finally told us. Definite status is "hiatus". Here's the whole letter. I don't know what's worse, knowing or not knowing…
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Hello From The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

The holiday's are upon us, and we figured it was about time to put something new up on our website. It has not been updated since we got back from Europe last summer. In fact, due to a change in servers, the site went down for a while, which only added fuel to the fire of rumors that are currently swirling around out there about the band.

In a word, I think the best way to describe the current standing of the Bosstones is "hiatus." Basically, when we got back from Europe we started to look at what we had done recently, what we had been doing for the last ten years, and what we could or should do in the future. Ben had just had a baby, and several of the other guys had some professional opportunities available to them, including Joe Sirois going on tour with Frank Black (a longtime favorite of his,) and Joe Gittleman doing another album with his other band Avoid One Thing.

And that's about it, as simple as that. Individually everyone in the band is super busy, doing their own things. Being so used to what we do, and feeling such a loyalty to each other, to our management, crew and co-workers, we actually had to look to each other for support in actually getting through this. It's a good thing we are all such good friends.

Which leads us to The Hometown Throwdown, our annual pre-holidays concert series in Boston. Needless to say, at this late date, it's not going to happen. We really wanted to do it again this year (This was going to be the Tenth Annual Throwdown,) and put off making a decision for a long time, waiting to see what everybody was up too. Eventually, we put it off for so long, the decision was made for us, it was too late! I think we were mainly concerned that with everybody off doing different things we wouldn't be able to pull it together to deliver a solid show. There is talk about rescheduling the "Throwdown" for summer of 2004.
Please check back here for updates on the band and future plans. Lastly, thanks to all of our friends and fans that have been their for us and we look forward to seeing you all some time soon.

Here is a quick rundown of what everyone is up to:

Dicky is the new announcer on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," on ABC Television. He's been doing other stuff, including a role in a feature film. He is also happy to be able to spend some time with his wife Rosey at their home in the Boston suburbs.

Chris has also been chilling at home in New Haven, Conn. He recently joined Less than Jake for some shows on the west coast, hanging out with Tim at their show at The House of Blues in Hollywood.

Roman is using the time to continue his pursuit of a professional pilots license. He is taking classes near his home in South Florida and working as a flight instructor in his spare time.

Joe Gittleman is working on a new album with his band Avoid One Thing and chilling with his wife Angie in their house outside Boston.

Joe Sirois just returned from Europe and a tour playing drums with Frank Black. He is getting married to his long time girlfriend Courtney this summer.

Ben and his wife Laura are caring for their newborn son, Ellis, at their home in Providence, RI.

Laurence moved to Los Angeles and is jamming and recording with a bunch of musician friends. He is also doggedly pursuing the perfect golf swing.

Tim and his wife and step-son also moved to L. A. Among other things, he recently played sax on a track for the new Cypress Hill album.