A guitar that has been used by various members of Bikini Kill was stolen last week. While the guitar was at luggage return in LaGuardia airport, a ne'er-do-well picked it up and walked off with it. Tge guitar is a 1992 Rickenbacker Model 1997 Rose Morris Reissue JetGlo (Black) Finish with white pick guard /Serial Number K5422. The band is asking for help locating it. You can see their request below.

Bikini Kill statement Stolen Gear Alert: The @bikinikillrecords guitar was taken from LaGuardia airport. This is a 1992 Rickenbacker 360V64 Jetglo (Black)Finish with a white pickguard. SN: K54220 -It is missing it's plastic cap from the pickup selector switch and off of one potentiometer. There is some general wear and tear in some of the paint and am happy to share any detailed photos of these wears if you think you may have met it.

It lives in a RIC hardshell case that has one dented chrome foot with a recess records sticker and another saying "in rice we trust". There are various worn down fragile stickers on either side. There also was a pink luggage tag with the number 07 printed on one side and Panache Touring printed on the other.

All necessary reports have been filed with the airport/port authority/airline but if you can keep your eyes peeled especially if you are in the NY /NJ/CT area.

Please let us know if you’ve seen it!!

Tobi Valli Statement Unfortunately, the Bikini Kill Rickenbacker was stolen this morning. The band bought this guitar new in Hollywood in 1994 and Billy played it until we broke up in 1997. A few years later it ended up in my possession and I played it in Spider and the Webs @krecs for many years and it accompanied me at solo shows for most of that time as well. In 2020 we decided to use it for the reunion tour and Kathi has been playing it on Hamster Baby and Tell Me So. Sara Landeau @saralandeau , our most recent touring guitar player, has been playing it live with us this summer but sadly today it was stolen. Obviously the sentimental value is big but mostly we just want it back because it sounds so good and feels just right. please contact @tobatchnik if you can help xo TV PS @modraucous plays it on the new girlSperm LP.