Listen to the new album by Torpedo!
by Streams

Today we are psyched to bring you the premiere of the new album from Swiss band Torpedo! Orpheo_Nebula features seven tracks full of noisey, punk-y, poetic goodness. Speaking to Punknews, the band said of the album,

"Orpheo_ Nebula is inspired by crossings, wanderings and other astral journeys, almost like initiations, as well as flying saucers. The myth of Orpheus, the need of light air, live and transcend the suffocation of the world we create, the wind in the leaves in the morning. The song and sounds of the world that fill our ears like the sun warms our skin and help us being alive. The need for resilience to get through life. L’Amour. La Liberté. That life is a miracle and it’s up to us to preserve it. The visceral need for verses. For us, the album is synonymous with joyful playing, harmony, pleasure, and an illuminating collective human experience; be, create and go there together and burst out laughing like children."

Orpheo_Nebula will be out everywhere September 16 via Broken Clover Records and you can pre-order it right here. Listen to the album below!