Franz Nicolay, of The Hold Steady and World/Inferno Friendship Society, has announced that he will be releasing a new solo album called New River. Ara Babajian (The Slackers) plays drums and Frank Piegaro (Worriers) plays bass on the record. The album will be out November 11 via Don Giovanni Records. A video for the first single, "New River, Spring For Me" that features horns by Peter Hess and tasters by Steve Selvidge has been released. The video was created by Diana Morales. Franz Nicolay released his book Someone Should Pay for Your Pain in 2021 and released Peopssongs in 2017. Check out the video and tracklist below.

New River Tracklist

1. Wandering Star

2. Beaten For The Light

3. Garlic and Vine

4. The Morris Column

5. It's Dawn

6. Your Ode Played By French Horns

7. First-Person Spectacular

8. Champagne Sammy

9. Players In Wheat and Wine

10. New River, Spring For Me