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Brian Gorsegner has announced in a post on the official Night Birds Instagram page that he will be retiring from playing in bands. A final Night Birds show in currently in the works. The statement reads,

Hi. Brian here. I'm retiring from playing in bands. Info for a final Night Birds gig is in the works. It's not a bad thing, it's not a dramatic thing, it's just something I want to do. The driving force where I NEEDED to do it through my teen years until not so long ago is simply no longer there, for better or worse. I always thought if that happened it would be time to stop. Playing music has given me the coolest opportunities and experiences I could ever have imagined. It shaped my life and taught me how I wanted to be as a person. I couldn't be more grateful. I love all my bandmates like actual family and their support on this decision only furthers that. I truly appreciate anyone who ever checked out one of my bands, and the many folks who've contributed on this journey. Punk still rules, go start your own band! XO

Night Birds released Fresh Kills Vol. ll in 2020 and Roll Credits in 2018.