Mirrored Fatality: "REINCARNAGE"

Mirrored Fatality have released a new song. It is called "REINCARNAGE" and is available digitally now. A statement along with the single reads,

"REINCARNAGE gives an honorable death to all the roadkill we have witnessed on the many travels we have taken living in our Ford Transit, walking city streets, and traveling across farms, spiritual sanctuaries, and artist residencies - from Tongva Land to Anishinaabe Land to Lenape Land. REINCARNAGE is a flame to our interconnectedness with all living beings and a grief ritual for those we have lost within a capitalist society, COVID-19, and imperialist wars."

Mirrored Fatality will be releasing their ENOCIDE 3URTH EP on October 31 and released "Biome(trics)" and Cocoon Webs (remastered) earlier this year. Check out the song below.