The HIRS Collective announce new album, release "We're Still Here (ft. Shirley Manson)"

The HIRS Collective have announced that they will be releasing a new album. It is called We're Still Here and will be out March 24 via Get Better Records. They have released two videos for the title track which features Shirley Manson of Garbage. The HIRS Collective released The Third 100 Songs in 2021. Check out the videos and tracklist below.

We're Still Here Tracklist

1. WE’RE STILL HERE (ft. Shirley Manson/Garbage)

2. SWEET LIKE CANDY (ft. Maha Shami and Bryan Funck/THOU)

3. BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN (Ft. Jessica G.Z. and Christina Michelle/Gouge Away)

4. N.O. S.I.R. (Ft. Justin Pearson/The Locust)

5. WASTE NOT WANT NOT (Ft. Escuela Grind and Pierce Jordan/Soul Glo)

6. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (Ft. Dan Yemin/Paint It Black and Dark Thoughts)


8. TRUST THE PROCESS (Ft. Frank Iero/MCR and Rosie Richeson)

9. XOXOXOXOXOX (Ft. Melt Banana)

10. YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Ft. Lora Mathis and Chip King/The Body)

11. APOPTOSIS AND PROLIFERATION (Ft. Nate Newton/Coverge and Full Of Hell)

12. SO, ANYWAY… (Ft. Geoff Rickly/Thursday and Kayla Phillips/Bleed The Pigs)

13. A DIFFERENT KIND OF BED DEATH (Ft. Anthony Green/Circa Survive)

14. NEILA FOREVER (Ft. Jeremy Bolm/Touche Amore and Jordan Dreyer/La Dispute)

15. LAST KING MEETS LAST PRIEST (Ft. Derek Zanetti/The Homeless Gospel Choir and Chris No. 2/Anti-Flag)

16. UNICORN TAPESTRY WOVEN IN FIRE (Ft. Marissa Paternoster/Screaming Females, Damian Abraham/Fucked Up, and Pinkwash)

17. BRINGING LIGHT AND REPLENISHMENTS (Ft. Sunrot and The Punk Cellist)