Today, we are psyched to debut the new video by The Raging Nathans!

Do you like really good melodic pop punk? Do you like fun, but kind of melancholy videos? Well, you are in luck today!

"The Answer (smoke em If Ya Got em)" takes the… uh… "classic" '70s phrase and gives it a deeper meaning. The band reflects on someone who used to be great and cool and is maybe revealed to be less than he once appeared. All of that deep introspection is backed by an energetic distorto-charge that takes cues from Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, and even some of the more mainstream stuff.

Speaking to Punknews, the band's Christian Roerig said, "Essentially, this is a song about offering support to someone who you used to look up to as they deteriorate. You're the one who has to help pull them out of some shit while maintaining a safe distance at the same time because misery loves company. It ends on this big kind of bridge section that is kinda hopeful sounding after what I consider to be a dark and kinda sad song."

Still Spitting Blood is out January 19. You can pick it up via Rad girlfriend in the USA right here and on Brassneck in Europe right here. But before then, check out the video for "The Answer" below, right now!