Check out the only EP by early '80s NYC pop-punkers NastyFacts!

Today, we are extremely psyched to debut the fanastic re-release of NastyFacts' only record!

Do you know NastyFacts? Probably not because they camr and went in the blink-of-an-eye and that's a real shame because they were fantastic. They came up in the early NYC punk scene palying gigs with the likes of Harley Flanagan's The Stimulators and the The Speedies. But, whereas many bands were going aggro at that time, NastyFacts leaned more towards the Buzzcocks/Toy Dolls angle and cut an EP that rocked with high energy but had that sweet, sweet melody as a foundation. Their singer was Cherl Boyze, a queer POC and at age 18, she was the oldestone in the band by a few years. The band cut an amazing three-song EP in 1981 and then… like so many bands that cut amazing 7-inch slabs… were gone.

Speaking to Punknews, the band's Genji Siraisi said: "We weren’t really that heavy into the British scene or skin heads but we heard that some punks in England would wear used tampons safety pinned to their jackets. At the time we had a song Atomic Shock and then this thing Toxic Shock Syndrome appeared where people were getting sick from using tampons. So, we had the idea of changing the lyrics to Toxic Shock and dipping tampons in ketchup and throwing them at the audience. I’m pretty sure we never actually did it, but of course my memories of time are at best a little blurry."

This Friday, Left For Dead will re-issue this KILLER EP for the first time ever (og presses go for $150-$600 on discogs!) The new version is remastered and blown up to a 12-inch spinner for maximum sound quality. it's out Friday and it RIPS. You can check the whole thing out below, right now! (do it!)