The Exploited
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On Saturday, Wattie of The Exploited collapsed on stage during a show in Colombia. He was rushed to a hospital and is now recovering. The band issued a statement: “The last gig in Colombia, Wattie had another suspected heart attack. He tried playing on but had to actually stop a couple of songs until he eventually collapsed. He got taken away to hospital in an ambulance but over 900 people refused to leave the venue until he heard he was alright.” They later stated: “[On] December 10th, 2022 during the end of the set Wattie collapsed on stage in Bogota, COL and was rushed into hospital by ambulance. Thankfully Wattie is feeling better now and is resting in a hotel in Bogota. … Due to doctor’s orders all remaining shows for 2022 have been cancelled. We apologize to the fans, promoters and everyone affected by this situation. Thank you for understanding. Also our London show on the 16th December will also be cancelled once again we are sorry about this but Wattie is exhausted and told to cancel all up coming gigs for this year.”