AJJ have announced that they will be releasing a new album. It is called Disposable Everything and will be out May 26 via Hopeless Records. The band has also released two new songs with one being the title track and the other called “Dissonance”. The video for “Disposable Everything” was filmed at the Arizona Puppet Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, and was written and directed by Joe Stakun. AJJ released Good Luck Everybody in 2020. Check out the video, song, and tracklist below.

Disposable Everything Tracklist

1 Strawberry (Probably)

2 Dissonance

3 Moon Valley High

4 Death Machine

5 White Ghosts

6 Disposable Everything

7 Sean

8 The Baby Panda

9 A Thought of You

10 Candles of Love

11 I Hate Rock and Roll Again

12 Schadenfreude

13 I Wanna Be Your Dog 2

14 All of My Woulds

15 In the Valley