Terms announce new album, release "Teetering Scree"

Terms, the band made up of Chris Trull of Yowie and Danny Piechocki of AHLEUCHATISTAS, have announced that they will be releasing a new album. It is called All Becomes Indistinct and will be out April 21 via SKiN GRAFT Records. The band has also released their new song “Teetering Scree”. Terms released their album Asbestos Mouth in 2020. Check out the song and tracklist below.

All Becomes Indistinct Tracklist

1. Still Sour / Makin' Ennui

2.Teetering Scree

3. Soup Of The Day 

4. Blusterguts! 

5. Keep My Urn 

6. The Plummet Section 

7. How To Talk To Your Kids About Poetry 

8. First Existential 

9. Blurred Photo Of A Fragment Of A Drawing 

10. Points For Composure

11. Injurer

12. Lack Of All Trades

13. Tambourine Drop 

14. Sleep Until It's Colder