Middle-Aged Queers
by Tours

Middle-Aged Queers have announced tour dates for the US. The band released their album Shout At The Hetero in 2022. Check out the dates below.

May 12The Big EasyPetaluma, CAw/Freak Accident, Tits On A Bull, Rat Bastard Radio
Jun 28Thee Stork ClubOakland, CAw/The Bellrays
Jul 26Johnny B’sMedford, ORw/Another Anthem, Hard to Market
Jul 27Le VoyeurOlympia, WAw/Jay Levy and The, Addalemon, Mateo Campos
Jul 28Vera ProjectSeattle, WAw/Mr. Dinkles, Trash Sound Conglomerate
Jul 29Tracyton TheaterBremerton, WAw/Ninety Pound Wuss, The Fibs
Jul 30Honey Latte CafePortland, ORw/Rawt Creature Party, Pretending, Edd Party, Roxy