Bad Operation and Joe Gittleman to release ‘Waverbeaker 4’ split
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Joe Gittleman and Bad Operation will be releasing a split EP together. It will be the fourth edition of Bad Time Records’ Wavebreaker series and will feature 6 songs - three from each band. The EP will be out everywhere on June 16. Two songs have also been released - “Carrie O” by Joe Gittleman featuring Sean Rogan, Ryan O’Connor, Paul E Cutler, and Dan Stoppelman of Big D and the Kids Table and “What Keeps Us Moving” by Bad Operation. Check out the songs and tracklist below.

Wavebreaker #4

1. Joe Gittleman - “Carrie O”

2. Joe Gittleman - “I’ll Give It All To You”

3. Joe Gittleman - “Pete Lost The Beat”

4. Bad Operation - “What Keeps Us Moving”

5. Bad Operation - “Grandma’s Car”

6. Bad Operation - “Stay Inside”