The Cucumbers are back! and here's a new track!

The Cucumbers are back! Maybe you know them and maybe you don't. They were are East coast new wave band in the '80s that evolved into an alternating art-rock and folk-rock group… and they made a lot of good music including the hot single "My Boyfriend."

Well, after about 20 years of silence, they are cranking out the new tunes! And fittingly, today we are debuting the new song "Old Shoes." The track talks about coming back around again to old relationships and finding that the magic is still there. Interestingly, while the track sits comfortably with the band's late '80s repertoire, calling back to Americana with a contemporary lyrical edge- it also underscores how the band kinda, sorta, presaged folk-punk. Plus, the actual song craft is *chef's kiss* AND it is a response to the band's very first song, and their first hit, "My Boyfriend."

Speaking to Punknews about the track, singer Deanna Shoshkes stated: "'Old Shoes' is a companion piece to 'My Boyfriend,' the very first song by The Cucumbers, about a young couple just starting out together. 'My boyfriend won't wash the dishes or the sink or the floor or make the bed.' In 'Old Shoes,' I take a look at the same couple, many years later. 'I may not be shiny and new, but I'm the one that fits you.' My friend Rebecca Turner told me she'd written a song about our friendship called 'Water Shoes.' Before I'd even heard her song, it put the idea in my head to write a song about shoes!"

Jon Shoshkes of the band adds, "The video is mostly clips of old shoes, some ours, some not. Hint: we're not tango dancers."(We have no idea what he is insinuating!)

The band's new album Old Shoes is out July 21, 2023 and you can check out the title track below, right now!