Maura Weaver of Mixtapes, the Mimes, Ogikubo Station, sometimes Direct Hit!, and a whole bunch of other bands, has announced her first solo album. It's called I Was Due For A Heartbreak and it's out September 15 via Don Giovanni. In a press release, wEaver stated: "I’ve wanted to do a solo project since I was a teenager, so why is it happening now? For so long I’ve stood in my own way and kept busy being in a ton of bands. I had trouble trusting myself and rarely completed songs. It wasn’t until pandemic isolation that I was forced to confront the reasons why. I also experienced a couple of bad breakups and songwriting became a haven, but also a fun daily practice. I wrote as much as possible in two years and in the soup were sad songs, silly songs, dumb songs. So much came together on the spot in the studio. The best songs ended up on the album and I really put all of myself into this. I’ve never been more excited to share something." You can check out the lead single below.