Baby Got Back Talk

Today we are super stoked to bring you the premiere of the new video by pop punk band Baby Got Back Talk! The video is for their new song “I'm Sorry I'm a Moron, But Also, Help” and was directed by Ross Louis Klein. Speaking about the song and video, vocalist and bassist G’Ra Asim said,

”Rhi, our synth op, is a master baker of ~infused~ desserts by day. One time they left some of their handiwork at my apartment and I mistook a cookie that Rhi made for a normal cookie. As a result, I became painfully, unbearably high for the first time in my overwhelmingly straight-edge life. When I realized my mistake, I texted the band group chat "I'm sorry I'm a moron, but also, help." We thought the immortal phrase was a fitting title for our new single, which is about hoping for compassion even when you know your problems are your fault.

The video for “…Moron” is executed in a single shot, also called a “oner.” The action takes place in one long, unbroken, choreographed shot that we rehearsed for a couple of hours the day of filming. Because of schedule constraints at the set we rented, we only had time to shoot 4 complete takes. Working with my bandmates and director Ross Louis Klein to nail one of those takes before the clock ran out was like a higher-stakes version of one of those recreational escape rooms: nerve-wracking and intense but also super fun.”

”I'm Sorry I'm a Moron, But Also, Help" will be out everywhere on June 30 (pre-save it right here!) and is off the band’s upcoming EP Wince, Repeat which will be out on July 21 via Wiretap Records. Watch the video below!