Today, we are psyched to debut the new video by Seoul's 18 Fevers! Plus, they have a new EP coming out!

18 Fevers play rough and ragged punk rock. There are touches of Distillers and Casualties in the band bombastic blast, but interestingly, a lot of their lyrics are hyper focused on what's going down in the Seoul punk scene. The band at once borrows from Western sounds while interjecting their own perspective into a classic template. The band's new track, "Gate Keeper," which is off the upcoming Death Punk Disco talks about jerks in the Seoul Scene.

Singer Christmas spoke to Punknews about the track: "'Gate Keeper' is us unleashing our frustration with the universal problem of people trying to control something that is meant for everybody. Punk and hardcore has been a safe space for everybody since its beginning and nobody has the right to take it from anyone else. Especially in Korea where the scene is so tiny already that this behavior can do a lot of damage. The faces in our video represent that inclusion and diversity right down to Tom who’s slinging pizzas for us. Also we like drinking and pizza.”

You can pre-order the new EP here and here!. Meanwhile, check out the video for "Gate Keeper" below, right now!