Today, we are psyched to debut the new split by The Drowns and Wonk Unit!

The Drowns have been kicking out melodic punk for alittle while now and they are getting sharper and sharper. On "The Beast," the band leans into a Munster type sound and cuts a punk track that has sonic odes to the creepy crawlies. Speakigng to Punknews, The Drowns' Aaron rv said: " “We couldn’t be happier to put out this split with our good buds in Wonk Unit. Great heart, great punk rock, what more could you ask for.” About our song…. “The Beast is an open letter to those easily swayed by those in power.”

Meanwhile, Crydon's Wonk Unit keep the upbeat sound in the music but add a blipping bleeping pinball machine buzz. It merges the joyous with the apprehensive. As to the split, singer Alex added, " "This song is miserable but hopefully with a bit of optimism. The video is gonna be even more bleak! Fraser from Wrong Life/The Murderburgers is currently stalking the streets of bleakest Edinburgh with his tragic puppet sidekick Madame Le Misery (or something like that) searching for graveyards to shoot it in! Be prepared to weep onto your long flowing gothic robes. What a wonderful piece of wax for all to enjoy on both sides of the Atlantic.”"

The record is out via Pirate's Press. You can buy it right here and check out the whole thing below right now!