Listen to the new song by the Subjunctives!

Today we are thrilled to bring you the premiere of the new song by Seattle-based pop punk band The Subjunctives! The song is called "I Don't Have the Time" and is off their upcoming album Let's Try This Again. Speaking about the song, the band said,

"'I Don't Have the Time"' started out as a 12 String guitar jangle-pop song that Ean wrote for Tales from the Birdbath, his twee side project of many years. The title was originally 'Always Gonna Be Your Guy' and it was slow and a little too sweet. Ean brought the song into the Subjunctives, who sped it up and promptly tossed the verse. For a hot minute, the song was called 'I Learned To Play the Drums', this was also tossed. Jeff asked if he could have a go at the verse, and came back a few days later with a Nirvana Molly's Lips / Jawbreaker Boxcar arrangement and new lyrics about 'not wanting to deal with bullshit from stupid people'. The end of the song is a bit of a nod to the Mr. T Experience's 'Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba', but for Jeff, 'the 'Ba Ba Bas are me tuning out'. The song represents one of several examples on Let's Try This Again of the band developing beyond 'Ean songs' and 'Jeff songs', and instead creating true collaborations. This phenomenon is known as 'Ean and Jeffunkle'."

Let's Try This Again will be out on September 16 and you can pre-order it right here! Listen to the song below!