Listen to two tracks by Abilene!

Today we are thrilled to bring you the premiere of two new tracks by Chicago-based post-hardcore band Abilene! The songs are called “Decadence & Denial” and “Twisting the Trinity”. “Decadence & Denial” is off their previously unreleased collection album Demos, Unreleased and Compilation Tracks and “Twisting the Trinity” from their second album Two Guns, Twin Arrows has been remastered. Both songs will be on their upcoming 3LP full discography box set Endee Burial which includes their self-titled first LP, Two Guns, Twin Arrows, and their previously unreleased third album Demos, Unreleased & Comp. Tracks. Speaking to Punknews about “Decadence & Denial,” Alex Dunham said,

”‘Decadence & Denial’ is probably my favorite Abilene song. It’s a song that was written early on but recorded later. I’m not gonna pick a song that should be on my headstone but that’d be a good one for a eulogy.”

Endee Burial will be out on October 3 via Landland Colportage and 795 Media and you can pre-order it right here. Listen to both tracks below!