Simple Minded Symphony

Today we are stoked to bring you the premiere of the new video by Washington-based ska band Simple Minded Symphony! The video was directed by bassist and vocalist Kevin Silveira and features art by @melonbobby. The song is called “Feather” and is off their upcoming self-titled album. Speaking to Punknews about the song, Kevin said,

”“I have worked a pretty flexible barista job for sometime now, full time to pay bills. When lockdown initially happened in 2020, hours were cut a ton. I was working 3 days out of the week with short shifts. I had so much free time - an artists dream, right? With all this free time, I thought I’d be exploding with creativity. This was not the case. I got tired, anxious, burnt out, days fused together in a blurry haze: I was in survival mode without realizing it. However, in the back of my head I was thinking ‘dude, you have all this free time! Go make art! What are you doing!?’

Later I learned that this was an engrained societal pressure to be ‘productive’ at all times. Feather is about the misplaced guilt I felt to be a ‘productive artist’ at a time when what I really needed, was rest.”

Simple Minded Symphony will be out everywhere on August 22 via Ska Punk International. The band will be premiering two more videos later this week, “Over It” on the 15th on Powered By Rock and “Overcast” on megawednesday hosted by Mega Infinity on Twitch on the 16th. Watch the video below!