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This year, Hellcat records have been releasing digital singles, including a track by Doom Regulator, the band featuring Jesse Michaels and Tim Armstrong of Operation Ivy and a band featuring Jamaican dancehall icon Ce'cille.

The new band is called Bonk! Bonk! and features singer Lindsey Jennings. Armstorng issued a statement on the track: "Lindsey and I have been good friends for a while now. We wrote our first song together in 2015 and always kept touch. Lindsey has incredible timing with her lyrics, sometimes funny, sometimes serious but always on point. About a year ago we had an idea to start writing early punk songs like 1977 style. Like the music you can POGO to. We called this project BONK! BONK! This is the first song we’re releasing from BONK! BONK! It’s called ONE TIME." You can hear the new track,"One time" below.