New punk horror movie directed by Paul "Duck" Tucker of Joystick! in the works

Paul “Duck” Tucker, the lead vocalist of New Orleans-based ska punk band Joystick!, has a new horror movie in the works. He is directing and producing the movie along with producer and cinematographer Jeff Van Gerwen. The movie is called Amityvillenado and centers around the exploits of two punk rockers who return to their hometown to see a legendary punk band but get more than they bargained for when a house is destroyed by a tornado and dead bodies start popping up. Many musicians appear in the movie including Clay Aleman and Mickey Retzlaff of Joystick!, Will Hoffpauir and Christian Sabin of Rich Octopus, Jib Haddan of Daybreak, Zach Quinn of PEARS, Greg Rodrigue of Bad Operation, and Jessica Jeansonne of Flying Raccoon Suit. Members of Shidded, Brat, Kawaii AF, BWTF, Old Olibo, and Slab will also appear. Amityvillenado has an Indiegogo campaign set up to help finish the movie. Check out a video about the movie below.

Amityvillenado - INDIEGOGO Campaign from Jeff Van Gerwen on Vimeo.