Today we are psyched to debut the new single by Pale Angels!

Pale Angels kick out high energy, melodic punk- that is, if you read Punknews, this album is for you.The band will be putting out a new album in September called Plastic Legacy. The debut single, "I'm a boar," winks at the Who all while contemplating hating oneself… or hating someone else… all to a crunchy riff. Whoa!

Speaking to Punknews, the band's Mike S said "I had my heart broken by someone who laughed at me when they broke it. I realized in that moment they’re hideous. I’ll take being ugly. There’s hope for the ugly."

The band's Jamie Morrison adds, "The album was made in Nov 2020 at the height of the pandemic in Cincinnati, OH in a freezing cold storage space, turned studio. Many Cincinnati musician friends jumped in and spontaneously collaborated to get us through the strange times. We made some rock n roll and here it is, finally."

Plastic Legacy is out September 8 via Rad Girlfriend. You can pre-order it right here and check out the whole album below, right now!