Steve Ignorant of Crass has released a new live CD. It's limited to 350 copies and is called Live in Bristol 2023. The set was recorded at a sold out show at The Fleece on 30th March 2023. It's out now via Overground and via Steve direct. You can see the setlist below.

Live in Bristol

The Gasman Cometh / Do They Owe Us A Living / End Result / Systematic Death / Contaminational Power / They’ve Got A Bomb / Punk Is Dead / Women / Bata Motel / Heard Too Much About / White Punks On Hope / Walls / System / Big Man, Big M.A.N. / Darling / Chairman Of The Bored / You’ve Got Big Hands / Securicor / G’s Song / Fight War, Not Wars / Poison In A Pretty Pill / So What / Our Wedding / Berketex Bribe / Big A, Little A / Shaved Women / Bloody Revolutions / Banned From The Roxy