Today, we are psyched to debut the new track by Santa Chaira!

Imported is the debut album of Italy born Santa Chiara. On the album, she channels a west coast sunny vibe a la Best Coast and merges it with the cultural backdrop of her home town in Italia. Throughout the release, she contemplates how moving from Europe to USA has affected her worldview and her view of herself. The album is reflective… bit also really catchy and fun. The new single, "Worth it or not" is the entire album wrapped up in three minutes.

Speaking to Punknews, Santa Chiara said: “Worth it Is a wobbly song in every aspect to me. Wrote it in Nashville sitting outside in my front yard thinking about if any of it, if any of the things I wanted to be and I ended up being and doing was indeed, with it or not. The first existential crisis leading to my first psychotherapy appointment trying to understand if it was just growing pains leading to a better version of myself or worthless suffering. Wobbly guitar, a sort of new-wave sound with restless emotions surfacing a parquet court bass line and beach fossils first record way of approaching lyrics and singing. A minimal amount of words to describe the maximum amount of feelings.”

Imported is out October 20 via Kill Rock Stars. You can pick it up here and check out the new tune below, right now.