Problem Patterns

Problem Patterns have announced the release date and tracklist for their upcoming album Blouse Club. It will be out on October 27 via Alcopop! Records and features 12 tracks. The band has also released two new songs “Lesbo 3000” and “Poverty Tourist”. “Lesbo 3000” comes with a video directed, filmed, and edited by Brendan Seamus. We spoke to Problem Patterns about their new album earlier this year. The band released their EP Good For You, Aren’t You Great? in 2019. Check out the song, video, and tracklist below.

Blouse Club Tracklist

1. Y.A.W.

2. Big Shouty

3. Advertising Services

4. A History of Bad Man Part II

5. Lesbo 3000

6. Pity Bra

7. Who Do We Not Save

8. Poverty Tourist

9. Letter of Resignation

10. Picture of Health

11. TERFs Out

12. Domestic Bliss