by Blackball

Adam Pfahler updated the Blackball Records website for the new year and included some information about the upcoming reissue of Jawbreaker's Dear You on February 23rd. The CD version will include the "Fireman" video while the vinyl version will be a double LP with a full-color gatefold sleeve.

Along with the album re-release, True Love Records will issue the mono demo of "I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both" as a single (of sorts). According to the news post the demo "was recorded in July of 1994 at Jimmy Boyle's house on 16-tracks. The chorus is different and Floyd happens to like it better than the Dear You version." On the b-side will be Wesley Willis' song "Jawbreaker" and Adam Pfahler's sister Kembra's acoustic cover of "Ache." A few thousand copies will be pressed around March.